Why hello there

This blog is long overdue, not by weeks, I mean YEARS. I have wanted to start one for a long long time and finally Ive got my act together.

You can probably tell my English has gone to the dogs ever since leaving school, I never was good at English anyway, unless I was talking about something that I have passionate feelings for. Then I won’t shut up

Please don’t leave, I won’t bore you, PROMISE!!

So food, health and wellbeing it is, hello again, I seem to have your attention

The ‘health food scene’ these last few years has rocketed! I mean who had heard of chia seeds or avo on toast up until a few years ago. Now even our nanas are chucking them in their shopping trolleys or taking a snap of their perfect avo rose for instagram.

I gotta admit, I haven’t been this health freak for all of my life. I wasn’t brought up soaking my nuts (< HA!), the food processor sat all alone under the cupboard, and my smoothies consisted of banana, strawberries and some cream ,because WHYNOT?! Things weren’t all that bad, my mum cooked, yes actually cooked, and when I was really little I would happily gobble up a bowl of spag bol, with powdered parmesan (NOOOO) or some shepherds pie. Then things went awry.

You could give me all the bread and butter, ham and chips you wanted and I’d eat that, fruit yes, anything that resembled a cake or donut, basically anything laden with sugar, but not chocolate (IKR weird kid), most definitely yes, and later on chicken goujons too(ever so kindly made by my mum) oh and sweetcorn. Apart from that, nadda. Nothing else entertained me. Now I wonder how I even survived given I struggle to last a day without seeing through all of my 5 a day.

I do believe I invented the smoothie bowl though. NOT GONNA LIE. Way before 2k15 when these new inventions started sprouting everywheereeeeeeee, I did indeed eat my smoothies from a bowl.

Ok I poured banana smoothie over my Shreddies, and maybe added some raisins…

I mean it’s not bad. But it’s not exactly good either. Let me off please I was about 10. At least there was fruit in there (and they were most definitely not frosted shreddies, EW who even eats those).

But that was about it. Imagine if your son or daughter brought this kid round for dinner, won’t even eat fish fingers and peas?!?! Nightmare.

Thank god that soon changed, for a while at least anyway

Until my early teens when I developed IBS, i know you’re thinking- TMI- but it’s for this reason that my lifestyle completely changed. Digestion and the gut, my favourite topics, however more on that in a later blog post, I was suffering really badly up to a point that I wasn’t eating just living off sugary things to keep me going. I did lots of research online and after many visits to the doctors/hospital with no real reason as to why I was feeling that way I decided to overhaul my diet. Completely.

So gradually over time I’ve got to where I am today, with many struggles along the way. Food can stress me out, I struggle with trying to be completely perfect all the time and instead must TRY to strive for balance, i’m a work in progress but aren’t we all. So now it’s only little bits of unrefined sugar, LOADS and i mean TONNES of veggies in as many meals as possible, avoid all processed foods and don’t restrict myself. If I fancy something, have it and don’t feel bad afterwards.

These are rules I try to follow, I do mean try as obviously life gets in the way, and occasionally that cake I really fancied leads to guilt. No time for that in life, BAD THEA.

So after all that jargon, I really just want to say Hiiiii and welcome. I will post plenty of recipes, note breakfast (if I could I would eat it every meal of my day for the REST OF MY LIFE), bits and bobs of nutrition, cookbook reviews and restaurant reviews and other things that I happen to think of along the way.

Thanks for joining me and listening, even if noone is out there, I don’t really care I’ll happily just ramble onto myself.







Author: adatewithmedjool

Health food lover, nut butter spooner, model and traveller 20 years old from Manchester cooking up some tasty grub

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