Hi, Thea here. If you’re reading this I’d like to let you know a little about myself

I’m born and bred English from a town in the countryside near to Manchester and currently 21 years old.

You’ll probably find me dipping a spoon in some nut butter (ok i know it’s unhygienic to double dip, we all do it, as Nigella does by the fridge when everyone else is sleeping…), cooking something, reading one of my many (I mean too many) cookbooks, scrolling through Instagram, drinking tea or snuggling my cat.

Oh yeah and the odd bit of crocheting (don’t laugh, I know I will be a crazy cat lady when I’m older)

Occasionally I will be modelling, but it ain’t everyday, so we all need something to fill our time don’t we. So this is why I’ve made this blog. Combining my love of cooking, being creative in the kitchen, reading and developing my knowledge about nutrition and health, and in general just eating. I want to share some of the stuff that’s in my brain.

I just love food, of all varieties so expect many different cuisines, I’m not a meat and two veg gal. I don’t like the idea of saying that you eat a typical way and having to stick to that. So I will cover all bases here, there will be lots of healthy and nutritious food. Nurturing for the heart and soul and nourishing for the body. I make REAL FOOD, cooked from wholesome produce, alright and the odd cookies because COOKIES! Happy minds for happy tummies.

Lots of love and blessings